24W solar street light system

GenerPower’s solar street lighting system have unique characteristics of delicate design, energy saving as well as turnkey solution. This system exploits solar energy in a maximum,and converts it into usable and continuous electricity for LED light,which brings with a renewable and affordable lighting solution for different applications.


System Features

Energy Saving

Cost Effective

Environmental Friendly

Maintenance Free

Long Life Span


System Configuration

1). 24W12V led lamp with Cree chip

2).2*40W17V monocrystalline silicon solar panel

3).12V10A solar&light controller

4).1*12V100Ah gel battery

5).Accessories,including cables, solar brackets,battery box etc.

6).6m galvanized,plastic coated light pole, color is optional

7). For led lamp to work for continuous 8 hours, with 3 rainy or overcast days






Sub-driveway road




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