20KW Solar Power System

This 20KW solar power system is specially designed to satisfy with the electricity needs of residential or commercial application, which is built to produce and supply independent, continuous as well as safe and clean energy for house appliances. It is also an option to add bypass function to inverter as to get electricity from utility grid to power loads in case that solar power is insufficient or any failure happens. This brings you a perfect turnkey solution by maximally exploiting renewable solar energy and creates your own power source.


5~6 hours operating time daily

2 system autonomy days

Ease of installation and operation

Long life span

Maintenance free

Energy saving, maximum 100kwh electricity output.


Technical Specification

Maximum Power


Rated Voltage


Rated Current


Output Voltage


Output Frequency


Autonomous days


System Efficiency


Solar Panel

100*200w Mono or polycrystalline silicon module

Solar Controller

220V70A Intelligent solar controller

Solar Inverter

20kVA Pure sine wave inverter


110*2V1500Ah Maintenance-free Gel or AGM battery


60m 2*25mm2 copper wire



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