Wind&Solar Hybrid System GPSWH-1000

A solar and wind hybrid system is a perfect choice to exploit both sun and wind resources at your place. You might be worry about that there is long winter or frequent rainy days or uncontinuous wind in your region, but a hybrid system could just solve your concerns, it brings you with a good solution for providing a balanced supply of power throughout the seasons and to take various climates. We could design the optimal hybrid system for you based on your local sun and wind resources, and provide you with whole packaged system, which could let you enjoy easily enjoy the great benefits of Mother nature, and almost no maintenance is needed.


Technical Specification



Wind Turbine

400W24V 3 phases magnetic wind generator

Solar Panel

600W Solar Panel

Solar& Wind Hybrid Controller& Inverter

24V30A controller, with 1000VA sine wave inverter hybrid


4 pieces of 12V200Ah gel battery

Solar Brackets

Ground Installation/Rooftop Installation

Guyed cable Pole

6m(2*3m)guyed cables with accessory

System Voltage


PV Charge Current


Rated Output Capacity


Output Voltage


Output Frequency


System Efficiency


Average electricity output/day

4kwh(estimated under 5 valid sunlight hours, with wind speed of 6m/s)



  • Village power (basic necessity)
  • Resorts / hotels / back packers power supply
  • Schools
  • Health centers & Nursing stations
  • Rural government stations
  • Refrigeration
  • Telecommunication

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