72W Solar Lighting System,with dimmable function

This series of solar lighting system is a complete solution for self-powering lighting, with its simple structure, and easy operation, it could bring you with much more convenience, and save more costs. Sun radiance is exploited in a large extent, and could be convert into usable electricity for led lamp lighting. Meanwhile, we design our lighting system with dimmable function, which could automatically work at half power of 3/4 power in the late of night, in this way, it not only could reduce initial investment, but also be more energy saving.

System Features

Energy Saving

Cost Effective

Environmental Friendly

Maintenance Free

Long Life Span


System Configuration

1). 72W led lamp with Cree chip

2).2*100W moncrystalline silicon solar panel

3).24V10A solar&light controller

4).2*12V120Ah gel battery

5).Accessory,including cables,solar bracket, battery box etc.

6).8m galvanized,plastic-coated light pole,color is optional

7).For lamp to work continuously 8 hours per day, with 3 rainy or overcast days.




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