Balcony flat plate split solar heater system




This type of system could be safely assembled at the front of the apartment balcony, wall or roof areas, and hot water tank is supposed to be installed in a safe locally for easy maintenance. This unique system is an excellent solution by saving your electricity bill, and also save more space.

Product Features

1. Whole plate board core type system, is very reliable, and with maximum output.  

2. Frame is made of weather proof aluminum, promises long life span.  

3. Pressurized enamel tank keeps a constant water temperature

4. Reliable temperature control system that gives assurance on hot water supply

5. With anti-freezing an anti-fouling methods being incorporated.


Technical Specification


MODEL GPPJF-176-80L GPPJF-200-100L GPPJF-200-120L
Flat plate solar collector Quantity 1 1 1
Copper diameter φ25 φ25 φ25
Copper capacity 3.00L 3.27L 3.27L
Absorption area 1.76 2 2
Size 2200*800*80 2000*1000*80 2500*800*80
Pressuried water tank Volume 80L 100L 120L
Heat insulating material Polyurethane 40mm Polyurethane 40mm Polyurethane 40mm
Inner tank 1.8mm 1.8mm 1.8mm
enameled internal bladder enameled internal bladder enameled internal bladder
The size of water pipes NPT3/4" NPT3/4" NPT3/4"
Size φ450×980 φ450×1105 φ450×1570
Frame Material Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy Aluminium alloy



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