Indoor LED Light

Indoor LED Lighting is the future of lighting, for both residential and business environment, as a future replacement light, indoor led lighting has many kinds of types, like led spotlight, led bulb, led tube, led light panel, led downlight, led parlight etc. We are striving to upgrade your home or business lighting by serving our best and various indoor led lights.

Outdoor LED Light

Outdoor LED Light serves an new alternative solution to standard street lighting, comparing with tradtional Metal Halide soldium or HPS lamp, it has outstanding advantages,luminous efficacy could reach up to 90% and higher, 50~80% energy could be saved, and has a exceptional long life span, from 50,000 hours to 100,000 hours, most of important, it is very kind to environment, without any glares, radiation and pollution. Our outdoor LED Lighting varied with many types and designs, like LED street light, LED Flood light, LED Parking light, LED Wall pack etc.

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