60W solar lighting system for Malaysia Plantation
This series of 60w solar lighting system are installed by one of our customers in a plantation in Malaysia, it is employed to light the entrance roads and guarding house field. For most of plantation, it is far from utility grid, and not very easy to get city power, so a salar powered outdoor lighting system solves their inconvenence, and bring light easily.
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800w off-grid solar system in Malaysia
This 800w off-grid solar power system is installed in a fishery place in Malaysia, as to provide power for outdoor security lighting. Previously, in those places, there is no sustainable power supply in the night time, and after getting this system installed, the customer could get bright light all the night time, which brings them with more safety and convenient.
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1.5kw off-grid solar power system in Colombia
This 1.5kw off-grid solar power system is installed by our Colombia customers in a remote villa, as to provide backup power for the house.
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50KW Solar System in Tibet
It is a 50KW on-grid solar system that we have supplied and installed in Tibet, it is mainly used to provider residential power for a community area, could daily produce about 300kwh electricity.
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Solar lighting system in Community
This type of solar lighting is installed in a new community area, in total it is 150 sets. This system is contains 30w solar panel, 5w high power led lamp, 3.5m light pole, and 12V38Ah maintenance-free gel battery. It is independent system; extra costs have been saved for the residents, and also decorate the community with a new skyline.
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GE Haiphong Project
This solar lighting system has been sucessfully installed in GE Industry park, Haiphong, Vietnam.In total,it have 50 sets solar lighting system,and this project was completed in June.2010.
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