Solar power system

Solar PV system is a generator which converts sun photons into electricity through solar modules,and it generally could divide into independent solar PV system and grid-connected solar PV system

Solar lighting system

Solar lighting system is a self-powered system that use solar energy to power led lamp,and could light many places , like streets,park, school, factory, garden etc

Solar panel

A solar panel (PV module) is a device that will produce a flow of electricity under sunlight. This electricity can be used to charge batteries and, with the aid of an inverter, it can power normal household electrical devices, or 'loads'. PV modules can also be used in systems without batteries

Solar vedio system

Solar Power Video System is an intelligent system that is designed to be deployed for remote video surveillance to distant areas of properties and is designed as a stand alone solar powered security camera system featuring a 3 days Battery reserve

Solar pump system

Our complete set of solar pump system is a great and renewable solution for you to pump water for livestock, wildlife, homes, cabins and small irrigation by using DC submersiable pump, also could be used to do your swimming pool water circulation by using DC swimming pool pump

Solar water heater

solar water heater is a new energy saving system by converting solar energy to heating energy, producing hot water for house living, it is optional to adopt vacuum tubes or flat plate solar collector as main heat collecting device


GenerPower solar inverter series comprise off-grid solar inverter and gried tied inverter,with our mature technology and innovation design,which guarantees first-class energy yields and thus an outstanding performance with competitive price .Its low weight,firm housing enable easy installation and delivery.This group of inverters are praticularly suitable for use in small off-grid and on-grid PV system.

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