Solar Video System

System Description

Solar Power Video System is an intelligent system that is designed to be deployed for remote video surveillance to distant areas of properties and is designed as a stand alone Solar Powered Security Camera System featuring a 3 das battery reserve,which include camera,solar panel,battery,enclosures,solar controller and mounting equipments.

System Features

Complete stand alone solar power vedio system

With 3 days battery reserve

Weaterproof rated construction with IP66

Rated fro solar region 3.0 and above

Automatcially working,and maintenance-free

Excetional long life span

System Design

1.80W12V Monocrystalline silicon solar panel

2.12V10A intelligent and waterproof solar controller

3.12V100Ah maintenance-free gel battery

4.10m 2*2.5m2 cables and connectors

5.Stainless steel battery box

Notes: This 80W solar kits could produce sufficient power for the 12V800mA remote video system to work for 24 hours per day,and with 3 days battery reserve.

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